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“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  Benjamin Franklin
Being an American is kind of a funny thing.  You ask 8 out of 10 people where they are from and they say another country. For example, you hear things like “I am Irish, I am Italian, I am Chinese, or I am Pakistani…..”  That is what makes this country great.  Why?  Because all of these people (or their loved ones before them) have fought to be here. For those of us who have had it pretty easy,  sometimes the only time we are reminded of this sacrifice is when we pay our taxes or we go through U.S. Customs on a fun trip or vacation.  What a luxury.  What a privilege.
It is also an interesting paradox.  Let’s remember Ben Franklin as the quintessential personification of this paradox:  Here was a guy that put the capital ‘R’ in Renaissance.  No doubt he was a major player in his day- he “had it all” by most any standard.  He could have gone right along “being English,” enjoying his wealth and his social status.  But Franklin had a higher calling because he had a belief system deeply rooted in his unabiding love and respect for one thing:  his freedom.
From the research we have done there is another living example of this kind of calling in a SEAL Team guy called “Drago.”  Drago, like so many, came penniless to this country after spending hard times in a Polish jail — imprisoned only for his progressive beliefs.  He fled to America with a burning desire for freedom.  It was this strong desire that transformed Drago from a poor immigrant to a decorated Navy SEAL, one who made it all the way to the Tip of the Spear. He is quoted as saying that only in America is this able to happen. It is no suprise now that when he is asked, “Hey Drago, where are you from?”  His answer is simple, “I am from America!”  
Sign up today & celebrate this Memorial Day and honor the brave who have given their lives to protect our freedoms.

Since September 11th, 2001 over 6,650 have paid the ultimate sacrifice, including 81 Naval Special Warfare community members. Each one of these men and women is someone’s child, many of them are brothers or sisters, even more are parents, and all of them are heroes. Get in the fight today on behalf of the families that are left behind, to honor the fallen, and prove that no one will be forgotten. StandUP4SEALs is an official partner of One Team One Fight, a partnership between the Navy SEAL Foundation and the Travis Manion Foundation.

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