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“Adversity causes some men to break, others to break records.””William A. Ward

When the SU4S core team first got involved raising funds for the SpecOp community we went through an interview of sorts. A couple guys on the teams wanted to meet us and make sure we had the right intentions. The first question asked was, ‘Why are you doing this?’ One of the core team members replied that we have read all the books and want to get involved. That was the wrong answer. After being told rather emphatically that the best stories are the ones that aren’t told the one SU4S member replied that the Adam Brown story was real and we are getting involved. After about ten seconds of eye to eye contact the silence was broken and this team member replied, ‘I will tell you a cool story about Adam’ and the story goes like this.

The guys were at a Navy training center and when they walked into the gym they saw all these rowing records being held by another branch of the military. Now you have to understand, you don’t walk into a Navy SEAL gym and start putting up records from another branch of the military and the military keeps score. So, Adam replies to the team leader and says, ‘What is this?’ ‘Who is this guy holding all the records?’ Another military person in the mix replies that is so and so….he rowed crew in college and those records are solid. The legend then has it that Adam pondered this for about a second and asked the team leader if this erg rowing machine was hard to do? The team leader said, ‘Yes, it is very hard and it will kick your butt’. Adam then got on the erg rowing machine and broke every record, One  by One.

Navy Chief Special Operator (SEAL) Adam Lee Brown was killed four years ago today on St. Patrick’s Day March 17th, 2010 in Komar Province, Afghanistan, in a battle against heavily armed militants. You can learn more about Adam’s story via the links below as well as support his legacy.


Adam’s Legacy:


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