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” When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost.”  Billy Graham
Have you ever wondered what leadership looks like? Plenty of books out there and courses you can take but, what does it look like? What is it? Here is a free lesson and write it down because it is good!
When others stand down, STAND UP!
That’s it folks, it takes courage and character. Read your history books and it’s the same formula over and over, leaders are told to stand down and instead they stand up.  On September 11th, 2012  Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty made a stand to protect Americans and paid the ultimate price. So, take a good hard look at what leadership looks like because it is rare.

Join StandUP4SEALs on this Memorial Day Weekend and ‘Get in the Fight’ by racing, paddling, running or just cheering at the 2nd Annual StandUP4SEALs Beach Challenge in Ocean City New Jersey on Saturday May 24th. Event to start at 7:30am and race at 8am, staging will be held at the Ocean City Music Pier. Stand up for those who have stood up for us!!!

Online registration closes on Thursday, May 22nd, 2014. On-site registration will be available on Friday (the day before the event) and Saturday (the day of the event), but we highly recommend you pre-register to get better pricing and reserve a race t-shirt in your size.

Since September 11th, 2001 over 6,650 have paid the ultimate sacrifice, including 81 Naval Special Warfare community members. Each one of these men and women is someone’s child, many of them are brothers or sisters, even more are parents, and all of them are heroes. Get in the fight today on behalf of the families that are left behind, to honor the fallen, and prove that no one will be forgotten. StandUP4SEALs is an official partner of One Team One Fight, a partnership between the Navy SEAL Foundation and the Travis Manion Foundation.

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