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If you want to see the real Amazing Race all you have to do is show up at our event on Saturday May 25th of Memorial Day weekend. You don’t need to watch TV, heck we never thought the shows were that good anyway. Why sit down when you can stand up? At StandUP4SEALs we fight for those that fought for us. We also believe in things like the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem. That is how we roll, that is the Kool Aid we drink, and the flavor is Red, White and Blue – just how we like it!

Join StandUP4SEALs and ‘Get in the Fight’ by racing, paddling, running or just cheering at the StandUP4SEALs Beach Challenge at 4th Street Beach in Ocean City.  A fun sand run will also be held for children under 10.  Paddle board drop off at Brighton Place beginning at 7am.  Event to start at 7:30am and race at 8am.

It’s easy to register!   Enter individually or as a family or team.  Join the thousands who want to honor our military families this Memorial Day Weekend.  If you don’t want to race, you can donate or volunteer on the website. Be sure to mark your calendar to ‘Get in the Fight’ at the 1st Annual StandUP4SEALs event, Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend in Ocean City.  See you there at 4th Street Beach bright and early!

StandUP4SEALs is committed to honoring the fallen Special Ops warriors by raising awareness and money for the families they have left behind. StandUP4SEALs is an official partner of One Team One Fight, a partnership between the Navy SEAL Foundation and the 31Heroes Project. This Memorial Day Weekend event will serve to honor and support the families those who have fallen and those who still fight on.


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