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Every day we wake up and casually enjoy the freedoms we are afforded just by the fact that we live in this great country.  However this freedom comes with a price tag that many of us could never (and hopefully will never) fully realize.
Since the events of 9/11, an entire generation of brave warriors has quietly protected those freedoms throughout the world.  In deserts, on mountains, in caves, alone and in TEAMS, and almost always in the darkness, someone’s son – someone’s father – someone’s husband—faces the fight of their life in the name of each one of us.
Unflinching courage, “all in” attitudes, unwavering service, constantly “leaning forward” into adversity that is what these warriors do.  And they do it without fanfare, without recognition, and without expecting anything in return.  At home, their parents, their wives, and their children wait for them, worry about them, and pray they will see them again.
We feel it is our responsibility and our duty to honor and support them.  It is one thing to talk about how freedom is not free, but it is another thing to take action.  That is why we have committed to “Get in the Fight!”
On Saturday morning of May25th, in Ocean City NJ, Memorial Beach Challenge will kick off the Memorial Day Weekend with a Beach Adventure Event, which will include an official SEAL Team Sand Obstacle Course and a SUP Paddle Board Ocean Challenge.  The event will also include a fun run for kids under 12, lots of awards for winners and a poignant closing ceremony to remember our veterans and the fallen warriors who have given and lost their lives for our freedom.
All the proceeds will benefit ‘The One Team One Fight’ initiative through The Navy SEALs Foundation and will support the families of all who serve throughout the Special Warfare Community.
Every level of support is needed and will make a difference! To find out more about the cause and how you can get involved log on to  Log on!
·         Volunteer- Become a Race Day support team member
·         Donate- Make a donation to ‘One Team One Fight’
·         Sponsorship- Become a Race Day sponsor
·         Awareness- Spread the message and get your friends involved
·         Compete- Race as an individual, family, or team and GET IN THE FIGHT!
Freedom is not free!  So join us and “Get in the Fight!”  Support StandUp4 SEALs.   Don’t wait!
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